Leanne Maree Sigvartsen has an ancestor who was an Australian Aborigine, one who was a Convict transported to Australia for the term of his natural life, one who found great wads of gold in the New South Wales Gold Rush, one who fled Nazi Germany, one who belonged to the supposedly chaste Knights of Saint John, and one who may have been the illegitimate child of one of the British royals from the 1700’s… but other than her intriguing collection of relatives, Leanne is really not that interesting. 

She has never been a supermodel, billionaire mogul, politician, Olympic medalist, rock star, reality television celebrity, Academy Award winning actress, Nobel laureate or a member of the Spice Girls.  Mind you she contends this is only because she was either too old, too young, too fat, too honest, too nonchalant, too slow or the hours just didn't suit.

In all honesty, Leanne is essentially a super-geek nerd whose idea of a grand day out is wandering through a mountain of behavioral research.  Not surprisingly she has three successive behavioral research qualifications which hang in her hallway and cost her almost as much as three Picasso's of the same size.  In retrospect, given she is a member of Generation X, the Picasso's probably would have been a better investment.  Leanne collects children's literature from before 1945, has a talent for Angry Birds, and a scary knowledge of all things related to the book/movie The Princess Bride.  See, super-geek nerd.

An Australian by birth, Leanne holds Australian, US, and Maltese citizenships.  She currently lives in Germany with her two sons and her Norwegian/American husband.  He is an academic of the archaeological, ancient-religion variety and is solely responsible for that overwhelmingly long last name of hers.